The Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Pieces

Pets are man’s best friend. From the joy they give to the comfort they provide, these little animals add a sense of happiness to our lives. It is because of this reason and more that we have to keep them safe and healthy, most especially in and around the home.

It is important that when designing a home, you should employ the services of furniture from furniture stores that not only pleasant on the eye, and durable, but also pet-friendly. You have to get your hands on the best pet-friendly furniture pieces. Let’s check out which furniture type makes the list


There is nothing that says welcome to my living space more than a couch. A couch acts as the centerpiece of your living space, and it helps to accentuate your decor and overall outlook. It is important that your couch is visually appealing, and at the same time highly functional. So, this brings us to the kind of couches that are pet-friendly, and at the same time, provide a durable service for you. Well, the answer isn’t far fetched, in fact, the best pet-friendly couch is a microfiber sofa. What makes it ideal is that it cleans easily, and it has a reinforced surface that makes it difficult for pets to damage.


Chairs make up an essential part of any home. From dining chairs to living-room chairs just name it, chairs form a part of any home that we just can do without. The same way humans love them is also the same way pets love to play on them as well. There are times when you will catch your pet chewing on your chairs, scratching them, and even jumping on them. So, this leads us to the question, which chair will be the best fit for your pet?

Generally, you want to go for a solid option, such as a woodgrain polypropylene seats. They are built to withstand the chaos that pets bring, and they are also pleasant on the eye as well.

Side tables

Side tables are the small pieces that help to highlight the beauty of your couch, chair, or sofa. With the right side table, you can amplify the beauty of your living room in ten folds. If you are looking for a side table, then go for something with straight, minimal legs, that don’t need so much space. You should also try and avoid side tables with glass tops.

Coffee Table

Many people consider coffee tables as a small part of the living room, but in reality, they form a very vital part of any living space. Ensure you get a table that comes from a sturdy material that is visually appealing, and at the same time can withstand the stress your pets subject on it. Try as much as possible to stay clear of glass tops by all means if you don’t want your pet to have a field day on it.

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