Maintaining and caring for wood furniture

If you want to get the best of your wood furniture and elongate their life span, then it is paramount that you start showing a maintenance and caring culture.

Maintaining and caring for your wood furniture does two things for you, it preserves the functionality and visual appeal of your piece, and it helps to attract a high resale value whenever you decide to sell the furniture. You always want your wooden furniture to look good and function impeccably, whether that’s today or years down the line.

There are lots of maintenance tips you can use to preserve your furniture instead of buying new furniture every year. The great thing about these tips is that they work effectively well irrespective of the type of furniture you have in your home, and whether or not you have pets or kids running around. Check out the maintenance tips below

Go through the maintenance instructions

Most wood furniture comes with maintenance information that contains useful information about the general care for the product. It is common to find people don’t even go through the instructions, and just act with discretion. Go through the instructions and follow everything in it.

Clean your wooden furniture

Daily and weekly cleaning of your furniture should be something you do. It doesn’t take much to clean a piece of wooden furniture. Depending on the type of wood used, you can clean with a damp cloth, wood, or even dish soap. Just make sure you gently clean the surface and use a soft cotton cloth for the cleaning. Ensure you dry the surface of the wood with clean cloth afterward.

Try waxing your wood furniture.

Waxing will help improve the overall protection of your wood furniture. Every few months just apply a thin coat of quality wax. Wax plays a crucial role in helping the wood furniture retain its natural look, enhances its durability, and reinforces the wooden surface.

Treating and caring for outdoor wood furniture

The best protection and care you can give your wood is to keep them indoors. This allows you to protect them from sunlight, rain, and insects. Overexposure to any of the vices as mentioned earlier will adversely affect your wood furniture both in the short-term and in the long term.

Nevertheless, there is some wood furniture that is perfect for outdoor scenery. The help to accentuate your outdoor space, and give you a sense of style. For such furniture, you still have to provide even greater care to ensure they last you for a long time. Wood varnish for outdoor wood products can be of great help to your unfinished wooden furniture, while soapy water is deal for finished products. You can also sand treat outdoor furniture to remove any water spots.

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